HMD Maintenance

Quest / Quest2 / Quest3

※ 基本的には、Quest / Quest2 / Quest3 向けの記事ですが、他のHMD(Pico4, VIVE XR Elite, PSVR2 etc.)でも応用可能と考えます。
※ Basically, the article is for Quest / Quest2 / Quest3, but I think it can also be applied to another HMDs (Pico4, VIVE XR Elite, PSVR2 etc.).

■日々のお手入れ / Daily cares

・Wipe the main body and strap with a dry cloth or a tightly wrung out cloth.
・Do not use alcohol.
・Using alcohol may cause the lens to become cloudy, the exterior of the camera body or the strap to deteriorate, crack, or break.
・If you have used alcohol, squeeze it well.

■1 : [Meta Offical] お手入れ / Care

■2 : [Meta Offical] 感染症予防や消毒したい場合 / If you want to prevent infectious diseases or disinfect

■3 : [MoguLive] Meta Quest 2/3で絶対やってはいけないことは? / What should you never do in Meta Quest 2/3?
・Meta Quest 2で絶対やってはいけないことは? NG行動4選
 What should you never do in Meta Quest 2? 4 NG Actions

・Meta Quest 3で絶対やってはいけないことは? NG行動3選
 What should you never do in Meta Quest 3? 3 NG Actions

■4 : [Japanese government official] 消費者生活センター / Consumer Life Center
 A synthetic resin doorknob was damaged by alcohol disinfection (No. 153 from the test for consultation resolution)

■5 : 管理人の場合 / In case of administrator

・Every time I take it off, I wipe it with a wet towel.
・In the case of Quest3, it is easier if there is the “Silicone facial interface”.